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Oltaiyoni leading

Oltaiyoni dust bathing

Enkikwe wrestling Oltaiyoni

Oltaiyoni and Larro

Oltaiyoni browsing


Lemoyian and Oltaiyoni

Oltaiyoni and Malkia

Sattao and Oltaiyoni browsing


Barsilinga playing with Oltaiyoni

Oltaiyoni and Ambo

Oltaiyoni hugging Ambo

Oltaiyoni scratching on Roi

Oltaiyoni and Malkia browsing

Oltaiyoni and Ambo

Oltaiyoni and Kuishi out and about

Oltaiyoni and Roi dust bathing

Oltaiyoni browsing

Ambo with Oltaiyoni

Oltaiyoni plays with Enkikwe

Oltaiyoni grabbing Pare's tail

Ukame browsing with Oltaiyoni

Oltaiyoni & Mapia browsing

Oltaiyoni and Ambo

Oltaiyoni playing with Enkikwe

Mteto and Oltaiyoni playing

Siangiki and Oltaiyoni browsing

Tusuja and Oltaiyoni browsing

Oltaiyoni digging soil

Oltaiyoni having her milk

Siangiki tries to steal a stick from Oltaiyoni

Naughty Oltaiyoni after having stolen a bottle of milk

Oltaiyoni reaching for green vegetation

Oltaiyoni leading the orphans to the mud bath.

Oltaiyoni picking up a dropped bottle

Oltaiyoni drinking water

Naughty Oltaiyoni

Naseku and Oltaiyoni

Oltaiyoni dusting

Olsekki & Oltaiyoni playing pushing games

Oltaiyoni and Malkia browsing together

Olsekki and Oltaiyoni playing

Oltaiyoni browsing

Laragai and Oltaiyoni

Oltaiyoni having mik

Oltaiyoni with ears spread wide

Oltaiyoni sharing a branch with Siangiki

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