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Oltaiyoni and Makena scratching

Rapa, Oltaiyoni and Dupotto

Dupotto followed by Siangiki and Oltaiyoni

Oltaiyoni and Ukame

Olsekki and Oltaiyoni feeding

Pare, Rapa and Oltaiyoni playing

Sapalan and Oltaiyoni

Ukame, Galla and Oltaiyoni

Dupotto and Oltaiyoni

Ukame and Oltaiyoni browsing


Oltaiyoni getting ready to roll in the dust

Oltaiyoni scratching

Oltaiyoni relaxing

Wanjala, Oltaiyoni and Narok

Olsekki and Oltaiyoni drinking water

Oltaiyoni and Siangiki scratching after mud bath

Oltaiyoni and Olare soil dusting

Oltaiyoni and a wild bull drinking

Oltaiyoni dusting

Naseku and Oltaiyoni taking respite from the heat

Naseku with Oltaiyoni

Sokotei and Oltaiyoni

Oltaiyoni and Tusuja early morning scratch

Oltaiyoni dusting

Oltaiyoni and Roi feed

Oltaiyoni comforts Naseku

Oltaiyoni soil dusting

Orwa and Oltaiyoni

Oltaiyoni by the mud bath

Oltaiyoni and Naseku

Oltaiyoni soil dusting

Oltaiyoni scratching

Oltaiyoni relaxing in the shade

Oltaiyoni scratching

Kauro browsing with Oltaiyoni

Oltaiyoni carrying a green branch

Roi followed by Kauro and Oltaiyoni

Olsekki playing with Oltaiyoni

Oltaiyoni and Kamok red soil dusting

Naseku, Garzi & Oltaiyoni surrounding Wiva

Oltaiyoni frightened by the warthogs

Oltaiyoni and Roi browsing

Oltaiyoni following the wild bulls

Loading Oltaiyoni into the moving lorry

Oltaiyoni can be a tough matriarch

Oltaiyoni browsing

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