Oltaiyoni's latest photos

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Roi picking leaves from Oltaiyoni's mouth

Oltaiyoni came to investigate

Ambo with Oltaiyoni

Oltaiyoni leading everyone out

Oltaiyoni, Ambo and Godoma

Oltaiyoni with Ambo

Shukuru disciplining Oltaiyoni

Oltaiyoni is a good matriarch

Naseku & Oltaiyoni with the other Ithumba orphans

Oltaiyoni sniffs at Sokotei, Sirimon and Boromoko

Chyulu with Roi and Oltaiyoni

Oltaiyoni and Dupotto playing

Roi with Oltaiyoni

Ambo with Oltaiyoni

Godoma, left, and Oltaiyoni helping Ukame

Roi, Oltaiyoni and the other orphans

Oltaiyoni came charging

Ambo with his adopted mother Oltaiyoni

Oltaiyoni came running

Dupotto and Oltaiyoni come running out

Ambo following Oltaiyoni

Oltaiyoni was only interested in her Ambo

Malkia with Oltaiyoni

Ambo is being spoilt by Oltaiyoni

Lasayen, Kauro and Oltaiyoni

Ambo following his adopted mother Oltaiyoni

Oltaiyoni, Malkia, Kauro and Murit

Tusuja, Kamok and Oltaiyoni

Oltaiyoni with her baby Ambo

Oltaiyoni with the younger ones

Oltaiyoni in the forest

Ambo Oltaiyoni and Mbegu

Rapa Oltaiyoni and Maramoja

Oltaiyoni following behind

Oltaiyoni with her Ambo and Mbegu on the right

Big mama Oltaiyoni browsing

Oltaiyoni making sure all is okay

Oltaiyoni is such a caring matriarch

Oltaiyoni Dupotto and Kamok

Ambo with his adopted mother Oltaiyoni


Ambo finds Oltaiyoni

Pare and Oltaiyoni

Oltaiyoni and Ambo

None of the boys challenge Oltaiyoni

Oltaiyoni doesn't like the rain

Oltaiyoni with Boromoko behind

Oltaiyoni missing Balguda

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