Sirimon's latest photos

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Narok and Sirimon

Turkwel and Sirimon

Sirimon and Garzi strength testing

Sirimon by the side of the road

The wild bull with Sirimon

Sirimon and Kauro

Olsekki chatting to Sirimon

Lemoyian and Sirimon

Sirimon chatting with a wild bull


Enkikwe and Sirimon

Sirimon cooling off

Sirimon digging up soil to play with

Lemoiyan and Sirimon chat

Sirimon in a playful mood

Sokotei playing with Sirimon

Sirimon soil dusting

Sirimon riding on Naseku in the water

Sirimon eating lucerne with Karisa

Enkikwe playing with Sirimon at mud bath

Lemoyian climbing on Sirimon

Sirimon climbing on Naseku

Sirimon and Kamok enjoying lucerne

Enkikwe playing with Sirimon

Boromoko plays with Sirimon

Enkikwe playing with Sirimon

Tusuja riding on Sirimon

Sirimon and Lemoyian

Sirimon finds a scratching post

Early morning games between Kithaka and Sirimon

Sirimon and Siangiki have a tender moment

Murka playing with Sirimon

Sities trying to play with Sirimon

Sirimon, Sities and Orwa

Galla browsing with Sirimon

Sirimon and Naseku relaxing under shade

Sirimon and Teleki playing in the mud

Sirimon and Olsekki

Sirimon dusting games

Sirimon rubbing his leg

Sirimon and Sokotei rolling on the ground

Olsekki playing with Sirimon

Sirimon playing with Enkikwe

Sirimon and Rapsu

Sirimon playing with Garzi

Sirimon playing with Olsekki

Sirimon and Siangiki scratching

Sirimon plays with Boromoko

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