Sirimon's latest photos

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Sirimon out in the bush

Sirimon could not steal a milk bottle today

Sirimon in the stockade area

Boromoko right and Sirimon

Sirimon enjoyed some pushing games

Sirimon and Sokotei behind

Sirimon, here, and Sokotei charged around

Poor Sirimon lost his bottle to Olsekki

Olsekki left, and Sirimon

Sirimon snuck away from his own group today

Olsekki and Sirimon pushing each other

Kauro on the left and Sirimon

Sokotei browsing away from Sirimon

Enkikwe and Sirimon

Olsekki playing with Sirimon

Sokotei and Sirimon


Alamaya and Sirimon enjoying a dust bath

Sirimon the victorious and Olsekki

Kauro, Sirimon and Enkikwe

Sirimon and Enkikwe

Oltaiyoni, Sirimon and Murit

Sirimon and Roi

Sirimon wanted to be alone today

Sirimon browsing

Sirimon after his fun chasing game

Sirimon at a rain puddle

Oltaiyoni Sirimon and Enkikwe before their bath

Sirimon after being told to settle down

Enkikwe was pushed over by Sirimon

Oltaiyoni and Suswa forced Sirimon for a time out

Enkikwe after sitting on Sirimon's head

Suswa and Oltaiyoni force Sirimon for a time out

Sirimon and Olsekki together

Arubba, Tundani and Sirimon in a natural pool

Kauro looking to play with Sirimon


Sirimon with the rest

Sirimon out in the bush

Sirimon in the stockade

Sirimon browsing

Sirimon arrives at the Nursery

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