Sirimon's latest photos

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Sirimon scratching his neck

Sirimon and Sokotei

Sirimon feeding with Naseku behind

Sirimon climbing on Roi

Sokotei playing with Sirimon

Sirimon and Olsekki drinking water early morning

Boromoko, Sirimon and Sokotei running for milk

Oltaiyoni sniffs at Sokotei, Sirimon and Boromoko

Sirimon playing with his trunk in the mud bath

Barsilinga and Sirimon playing on an anthil

Sirimon drinking his milk at mud bath

Sirimon sliding down the hill

Boromoko and Sirimon relaxing in the shade

Sirimon playing with Olsekki

Chemi Chemi with Sirimon

Boromoko and Sirimon

Sirimon and Sokotei relaxing under a tree

Sirimon and Boromoko having a pushing game

Sirimon out in the forest

Sirimon had a lengthy fight with Sokotei today

Sirimon tussling with Boromoko

Sirimon, Ngilai in front and Godoma

Sirimon eating tasty grass

Sirimon and Boromoko

Dupotto, Tusuja, Sirimon and Godoma on the right

Sirimon out browsing

Sirimon in front with Dupotto behind

Sirimon was looking for his friends

Sirimon going to wrestle with Sokotei

Sirimon will move down to Tsavo soon too

Sirimon and Enkikwe browsing close to one another

Sirimon browsing

Enkikwe, Roi Sirimon

Enkikwe and Sirimon in pushing games

Sirimon playing some fun games this morning

Sirimon in the mud bath

Sirimon and others in the mud

Enkikwe with Sirimon

Olsekki, Oltaiyoni and Sirimon

Sirimon enjoyed a lengthy pushing game

Olsekki and Sirimon browsing

Enkikwe enjoying a game with Sirimon

Sirimon out browsing with friends

Sirimon out browsing in the bush

Sokotei playing with Sirimon

Sirimon out browsing

Sirimon is such a naughty little boy!

The naughty boy Sirimon

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