Tamiyoi's latest photos

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Tagwa, Tamiyoi and Sana Sana

Tamiyoi browsing with Murit

Tamiyoi loves sneaking back to the stockades

Tamiyoi can be a greedy little girl

Tamiyoi was jealous of Kuishi

Luggard next to Tamiyoi browsing

Funny little Tamiyoi

Funny little Tamiyoi

Tamiyoi with Kuishi on the right

Malima with Tamiyoi on the right

Tamiyoi was in a bossy mood today

Tamiyoi with Luggard and their keeper

Esampu following Tamiyoi

Tamiyoi came running for her milk

Jotto, Murit and Tamiyoi with blankets

Malkia, Jotto and Tamiyoi

Tamiyoi, Jotto, Malkia and baby with blankets

Tagwa, Tamiyoi, Jotto and Malkia with blankets

Tamiyoi and Esampu

Kiko with Tamiyoi

Tamiyoi is a slow milk drinker

Ndotto, Tamiyoi and Ngilai

Tamiyoi with baby Mguu

Ukame next to Ndotto and Tamiyoi

Tamiyoi out in the forest

Poor little Tamiyoi!

Tamiyoi loves her keepers

Tamiyoi kept trying to get close to her keeper

Tamiyoi behind with Mguu

Malkia, Godoma and Tamiyoi

Malkia and Tamiyoi with their keeper

Tamiyoi and Murit

Sweet little Tamiyoi is still so small!

Tamiyoi in a playful mood

Tamiyoi with his blanket

Even at such a young age Tamiyoi is very clever

Tamiyoi is doing much better

Tamiyoi likes to stick by her keepers

Tamiyoi looking a bit brighter this morning

Tamiyoi looked better this morning

Tamiyoi having a fust bath

Tamiyoi went to join the others today

Tamiyoi in her blanket

Tamiyoi and Kiko

Kiko and Tamiyoi with their keeper

Mbegu wanted Tamiyoi to join them

Tamiyoi wanted to join Mbegu too

Mbegu made a fuss when Tamiyoi could not come

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