Tamiyoi's latest photos

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Tamiyoi enjoying a drink in the field

Tamiyoi with a blade of grass in her mouth

Nabulu, Kiombo, Tamiyoi and Maisha browsing

Roho browsing close to Tamiyoi

Nabulu, Tamiyoi and Sattao having fun

Dololo and Tamiyoi joining in on the mud bath

Roho rubbing up against Tamiyoi

Tagwa wrestling Tamiyoi

Tamiyoi, Roho and Sattao getting their milk

Maisha and Tamiyoi

Tamiyoi, Nabulu and Enkesha at the front



Tamiyoi having her milk

Tamiyoi, Roho and Kiasa

Tamiyoi reaching for the branches higher up

Tamiyoi enjoying her milk

Maisha and Tamiyoi browsing on some fresh grass

Tamiyoi and Tagwa browsing together

Maisha, Roho, and Tamiyoi in the forest

Tamiyoi browsing near Larro

Maisha next to Roho, Mukkoka and Tamiyoi

Tamiyoi and Maisha at the mud bath

Tamiyoi, Maisha, Enkesha and Musiara leading

Tamiyoi and Musiara having a dust bath

Tamiyoi with her ears raised

Tamiyoi and the rest of the orphans in the forest

Tamiyoi with her ears raised

Kiasa and Tamiyoi running with their trunks up

Tamiyoi and Kiombo browsing

Tamiyoi, Sattao, Kiasa and Larro browsing

Tamiyoi coming down to the mud bath

Tamiyoi leading the orphans

Tamiyoi headed down to the mud bath

Tamiyoi out browsing

Ziwadi and Tamiyoi

Ziwadi cuddling Tamiyoi

Sattao, Maisha, Tamiyoi and Dololo

Kiombo, Dupotto and Tamiyoi

Dololo and Tamiyoi

Tamiyoi with Larro behind


Tamiyoi happy and trumpeting


Maisha, Tamiyoi and Dololo


Sattao and Tamiyoi going to the bucket

Nabulu browsing, Tamiyoi scratching her belly

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