Tamiyoi's latest photos

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Tamiyoi dust bathing

Tamiyoi right browsing with Tagwa

Tamiyoi coming down the hill

Sagala, Tagwa and Tamiyoi dust bathing

Tamiyoi browsing

Tamiyoi dusting at the stockade terrace

Tamiyoi with a wild friend

Lasayen browsing with Tamiyoi

Mashariki and Tamiyoi browsing

Tamiyoi after the milk feed

Tamiyoi busy browsing

Tamiyoi and Tagwa wrestling

Tagwa and Tamiyoi

Tagwa & Tamiyoi in the morning

Tagwa and Tamiyoi walking to the forest

Tamiyoi heading uphill to browse

Sagala, Tagwa and Tamiyoi browsing together

Sagala browsing with Tamiyoi

Tamiyoi busy browsing

Tamiyoi resting her head

Tamiyoi with the Nursery herd

Tamiyoi, Mukkoka, Naleku and other all huddled

Mukkoka, Larro, Tamiyoi and Musiara mud bathing

Maktao, Naleku and Tamiyoi mud bathing

Tamiyoi relaxing with Enkesha

Greedy Roho trying to get Tamiyoi's milk

Musiara having a muddy game with Tamiyoi

Dololo and Tamiyoi dust bathing

Tamiyoi and Roho share a tender moment

Tagwa Tamiyoi Maisha Roho spending time together

Tamiyoi and Tagwa in a friendly pushing game

Roho playing with Tamiyoi

Larro and Tamiyoi browsing

Tamiyoi getting ready to dust

Tamiyoi browsing

Tamiyoi keeping an eye on the boys

Roho climbing on Tamiyoi's back

Roho in between Tamiyoi and Maisha

Tamiyoi enjoying a drink of water

Tamiyoi browsing with Naleku

Tamiyoi and Larro just after having their milk

A close up of Tamiyoi

Tamiyoi with the Nursery herd

Dololo climbing on Tamiyoi's back in the forest

Musiara trying to climb on Tamiyoi's back

Tamiyoi on the lookout

Tamiyoi having a mud bath

Tamiyoi out in the forest

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