Thoma's latest photos

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Thoma playing with Thor

Mweya with Thoma

Thoma with Thor and Eve in the back ground

Icholta, Inca, Thor and Thoma arrive at the stockades

Dabassa Thor and Thoma

Thoma scratching her neck


Thoma, Thor and Wesesa

Thoma and Thor in the water

Thoma and Thor

Thoma and Thor running to the watering hole

Thoma and Thor

Tassia, Wesesa, Thoma and Thor

Thoma and Thor

Thoma, Thor and Wasessa

Thoma, Eve and Seraa

Thor and Thoma arrive at the Stockades

Thoma and Thor visit again

Thor playing with Thoma's feet

Thoma and Thor with Emily's herd

Baby Thor following mother Thoma

Ex Orphan Thoma

Thoma laying down to get the babies to play

Thoma, left and Mzima

Inca with Icholta, Thoma and Irima

Sweet Sally, left and Thoma greeting Laikipia

Thoma feeding on left over copra cake

Thoma joining the juniors in browsing

Thoma enjoying copra cake

Thoma & Mweya moving forward

Thoma and Eden

Thoma drinking water

Ella, Seraah, Mweya, Thoma, Eden and Edie

Thoma with a wild boy

Emma following Thoma

Lolokwe leading Thoma and Emma

Laikipia holding Thoma

Thoma trying to avoid being mated

Thoma left and Sweet Sally

Wild boy chasing Thoma

Thoma at the stockade

Mweya left and Thoma watching Emma

Emma led out of the water by Ndara and Thoma

Sweet Sally, Mweya, Seraa, Thoma and Ndara visit.

Thoma giving Lesanju a bump on the bottom


Wasessa and the little ones running from Thoma

Thoma crossing ditches to keep up.

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