Thoma's latest photos

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Edie & Thoma consulting each other

Thoma enjoys the warmth from the baked earth

Thoma gets goes to play with Salama

Thoma takes the lead

Thoma and Mweya playing

Mpala and Thoma compete for greens

Seraa and Thoma

Icholta welcomes Thoma for a soil dusting game


Thoma takes a little rest after drinking water

Laikipia overtakes Thoma to lead

Thoma leaves the mudwallow

Icholta, Morani and Thoma lying in the soil

Thoma and Burra playing together

Morani places his trunk on Thoma's head

Thoma and Seraa playing together

Idie mounts Thoma

Burra and Serah push Thoma to get up


Moran climbs all over Thoma

Illingwesi lifts Thoma

Solango and Thoma

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