Thoma's latest photos

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Icholta left with Thoma engaging Mzima

Thoma arrives

Thoma and Laikipia at the stockade

Thoma mudbathing with the youngsters


Laikipia and Thoma arrive at the stockade

Thoma and Lolokwe play

Thoma would love to steal little Mudanda

Seraa putting her trunk in Thoma's mouth

Thoma and Serah strength testing

Thoma trying to round up Mudanda and Panda

Thoma stops Sinya playing with Eve

Thoma comes to join the small orphans

Thoma stays with Eve and Emily at the stockade

Thoma, Eve and Seraa drinking at the stockade

Thoma hugs Kihari

Thoma browsing

Thoma playing with leaves

Taveta and ex-orphan Thoma


Thoma following Shimba

Thoma greeting Lempaute

Thoma waiting for the babies

Thoma herding the youngsters out

Thoma on the left

Laikipia right and Thoma

Seraa left and Thoma tussling to take Panda


Thoma with Siria

Thoma front with Edie's calf

Thoma left tackles Siria

Thoma left greeting Solango

Thoma & Irima



Thoma with a wild bull drinking at the stockade

Thoma running to catch up with the others

Thoma sniffs at Serena

Solango,Seraa & Thoma drinking

Seraa & Thoma feeding

Icholta, Mweiga, Seraa & Thoma

Some of Thoma's group

Thoma and the youngsters

Msinga with Thoma

Mweya and Thoma have some water

Thoma and Morani

Edie & Thoma playing

Thoma browsing on Mazinga Hill

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