Zongoloni's latest photos

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Zongoloni and Quanza browsing

Zongoloni enjoying her milk bottle

Zongoloni in front looking for dry leaves

Lima lima and Zongoloni splashing water on feet

Zongoloni leading out the babies from the forests

Faraja on the leftside with Zongoloni

Zongoloni leading babies to the waterhole

Zongoloni following Limalima

Zongoloni sucking her trunk

Zongoloni feeding

Balguda and Zongoloni

Zongoloni breaking some trees

Zongoloni walking to the other orphans

Zongoloni running to the safety of Sonje

Jasiri, Zongoloni and Faraja out after the rain

Zongoloni waiting for milk

Zongoloni feeding with Sonje

Murera protecting Zongoloni

Zongoloni grabbing grass from Faraja's mouth

Zongoloni feeding herself milk

Zongoloni running away with her bottle

Sonje holding the bottle like Zongoloni

Jasiri holding his own bottle like Zongoloni

Zongoloni at the scratching rock

Zongoloni enjoying her milk

Zongoloni dustbathing with Jasiri and Faraja

Sonje on the left with Zongoloni

Zongoloni in the grass

Zongoloni picking up her milk bottle


Zongoloni quickly drinking her milk

Zongoloni browsing with Lima Lima

Lima Lima and Zongoloni playing

Zongoloni drinking milk by herself

Zongoloni fell down

Zongoloni drinking without the keepers help

Zongoloni tusselling with Faaraja

Limalima left, Jasiri middle and Zongoloni

Quanza and Zongoloni drinking

Zongoloni left, with Quanza blowing dust

Murera whispering to Zongoloni

Zongoloni smelling with her trunk up

Quanza and Zongoloni drinking

Zongoloni front,showing Ngasha how to pick up

Young Zongoloni with Sonje

Quanza and Zongoloni looking for the way

Quanza blowing dust while Zongoloni is kneeling

Zongoloni picks up her evening bottle

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