Zongoloni's latest photos

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Zongoloni pickup soft grass

Zongoloni picking soft leaves

Zongoloni having a great time

Zongoloni and Sonje feeding

Zongoloni enjoying the soft grass

Zongoloni throwing dust on her head

Zongoloni throwing dust on her back

Zongoloni ready to charge

Zongoloni looking for green vegetation

Zongoloni stuffing her mouth

Zongoloni having a scratch

Zongoloni leading the babies in the forest

Zongoloni taking the lead

Zongoloni in the forest


Ngasha walking down to Zongoloni

Lima Lima and Zongoloni

Zongoloni scratching her chest

Jasiri grabbing Zongoloni's tail

Zongoloni and Murera walking to the mudbath

Zongoloni looking for soft branches to feed on

Jasiri and Zongoloni trying to keep cool

Zongoloni a star at the mudbath

Zongoloni looking for some food

Zongoloni browsing and Lima Lima pushing

Zongoloni breaking twigs to feed on

Zongoloni browsing on dry leaves

Zongoloni & Lima lima put their trunks together

Zongoloni enjoying soft branches

Zongoloni walking between the big trees

Greedy Lima Lima standing near Zongoloni

Zongoloni leading babies to the waterhole

Zongoloni went into the forest full force

Zongoloni breaking down some twigs

Greedy Lima Lima standing next to Zongoloni

Sonje waiting for Zongoloni

Zongoloni lying on her belly on the warm soil

Zongoloni browsing in the forest

Zongoloni splashing mud on herself

Zongoloni and babies eating lillies

Zongoloni looking for soft grass

Ngasha and Zongoloni dusting

Zongoloni with Murera

Zongoloni enjoying a good scratch

Zongoloni and Jasiri expert milk drinkers

Zongoloni wallowing

Zongoloni drinking

Jasiri blowing water at Zongoloni

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