Zongoloni's latest photos

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Zongoloni with Faraja

Zongoloni with Murera going for more water

Zongoloni trying rub her belly on Alamaya

Zongoloni standing by the side as Faraja sleeps

Zongoloni with her milk bottle

Zongoloni, left, walking with Murera to get milk

Zongoloni browsing with her friends

Zongoloni talking to Alamaya

Zongoloni walking to the waterhole

Zongoloni looking for nice soft grass

Zongoloni blocking Lima Lima not to go fast

Zongoloni drinking from her own bottle

Zongoloni walking away after bottle feeding

Zongoloni grabbing as much grass as she can

Zongoloni at the water hole

Zongoloni waiting for Lima Lima

Zongoloni on the left competing with Jasiri

Zongoloni throwing dust on her head

Zongoloni, left, trying to push Jasiri

Zongoloni leading the boys to the waterhole

Ngasha, left, and Zongoloni pushing each other

Ngasha with his trunk on Zongoloni

Ziwa and Zongoloni stretching trunks for water

Zongoloni with Murera enjoying fresh grass

Lima Lima leading Zongoloni

Zongoloni stepping on the rocky areas

Zongoloni wanting some of Lima Lima's grass

Little Zongoloni with Jasiri on the grasslands

Greedy Zongoloni and Jasiri holding their bottles

Zongoloni foraging

Zongoloni and Lima Lima fighting for soft grass

Zongoloni really enjoying her milk bottle

Zongoloni leading the babies to dust

Zongoloni picking up her bottle

Zongoloni and Ngasha pushing each other

Zongoloni on the slippery ground after rain

Faraja holding his bottle like Zongoloni does

Naughty boy Faraja climbing on Zongoloni

Zongoloni leading Faraja

Zongoloni looking for space, pushing Lima Lima

Zongoloni holing her own bottle

Zongoloni leading babies to the water springs

Zongoloni sitting on Lima Lima in the dust

Zongoloni and Ziwa at the water trough

Zongoloni leading the babies to a new area

Ngasha trying to smell Zongoloni's mouth

Zongoloni finishing a milk bottle

Jasiri on the left with Zongoloni

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