Zongoloni's latest photos

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Zongoloni loving her mud bath

Zongoloni and Ngasha saying hello

Zongoloni resting in the shade

Zongoloni with a mouthful of grass

Zongoloni dusting and scratching at the same time

Zongoloni being treated for her wound


Zongoloni enjoying the lucerne

Zongoloni browsing

Zongoloni and Faraja at the water trough

Enkesha and Zongoloni leaving the water trough

Zongoloni visited briefly

Zongoloni re-joins her night clubbers

Zongoloni leading orphans home

Zongoloni walking to re-join the night clubbers

Enkesha enjoys her time with Zongoloni

Zongoloni and Lima Lima tussle over Enkesha

Zongoloni getting ready to wallow

Faraja and Zongoloni join the herd late

Zongoloni with a mouthful of grass

Zongoloni waiting for her "night clubber" friends

Zongoloni and Enkesha browsing

Zongoloni enjoying mud wallow

Zongoloni at the Umani water trough

Zongoloni comforting Luggard

Faraja with Zongoloni after emerging from the hill

Zongoloni and Jasiri arrive to join the Umani herd

Zongoloni trying to entice Enkesha to join her

Faraja and Zongoloni drinking from the broken pipe

Playful Zongoloni

Zongoloni trying to cross a fallen tree

Zongoloni playing

Zongoloni affectionate towards Enkesha and Luggard

Zongoloni after dusting

Zongoloni feeding on soft leaves

Zongoloni eager to show friends new browsing area

Zongoloni and Alamaya chatting

Zongoloni having her milk bottle

Zongoloni and Ngasha

Zongoloni stretching her neck

Zongoloni wallowing

Zongoloni and friends in the forest

Zongoloni scratching her bottom in the mud

Zongoloni giving Luggard a trunk hug

Zongoloni waving a branch

Zongoloni enjoying grass


Zongoloni browsing on the Chyulu hills

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