Zongoloni's latest photos

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Zongoloni dustbathing

Zongoloni climbing the wall

Zongoloni smelling the air while browsing

Zongoloni with a mouthful of grass

Zongoloni in the bushes

Zongoloni browsing


Zongoloni breaking branches

Zongoloni making soft mud with her foot

Alamaya and Zongoloni at the water hole

Zongoloni picking acacia leaves

Jasiri with Zongoloni


Zongoloni walking in the water hole

Zongoloni ready to cross over the pipeline

Zongoloni on the loading bay with the others

Zongoloni in the bushes

Zongoloni busy browsing

Zongoloni browsing

Zongoloni kneeling by the water

Zongoloni scratching

Zongoloni resting her trunck on Alamaya's back

Zongoloni dusting up

Zongoloni picking acacia leaves

Zongoloni having fun at the dustbath

Zongoloni coming out of the bushes

Zongoloni in a charging mood

Zongoloni running for her bottle

Zongoloni scratching

Zongoloni busy browsing

Zongoloni in the bushes browsing

Zongoloni leaving the dustbath

Zongoloni picking the best leaves

Zongoloni in the forest browsing

Zongoloni busy breaking branches

Zongoloni with Mwashoti

Zongoloni and Ziwa

Zongoloni rolling in the mud

Zongoloni after a mudbath

Zongoloni browing in the bushes

Zongoloni browsing on grass

Shukuru and Zongoloni at the dustbath

Lima Lima and Zongoloni both eating pellets

Zongoloni looking for vegetation to fill her up

Zongoloni walking in the forest

Zongoloni taking care of Alamaya

Faraja and Zongoloni eating bark

Zongoloni leading

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