Zongoloni's latest photos

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Shukuru and Zongoloni at the dustbath

Lima Lima and Zongoloni both eating pellets

Zongoloni looking for vegetation to fill her up

Zongoloni walking in the forest

Zongoloni taking care of Alamaya

Faraja and Zongoloni eating bark

Zongoloni leading

Zongoloni escorting Shukuru


Zongoloni removing mud from her trunk

Zongoloni looking after Shukuru

Zongoloni breaking more branches

Zongoloni browsing in the thick bush

Zongoloni picks acacia pods

Zongoloni running after Ziwa

Murera smells Zongoloni's mouth

Zongoloni playing with Alamaya

Zongoloni walking up Chyulu Hills

Zongoloni after wallowing

Zongoloni having a scratch

Zongoloni running through water

Zongoloni browsing

Zongoloni walking through the water

Zongoloni on the left with Faraja

Zongoloni at the head of the group

Zongoloni and Ziwa

Zongoloni in the forest

Zongoloni heading to the forest

Zongoloni busy browsing

Zongoloni relaxing

Alamaya browsing near Zongoloni

Alamaya browsing near Zongoloni

Zongoloni playing

Zongoloni and Alamaya dustbathing

Jasiri on the left and Zongoloni

Zongoloni breaking branches to feed on

Zongoloni browsing

Zongoloni at the mudbath

Zongoloni cooling off

Zongoloni holding a stick

Zongoloni browsing with her friends

Zongoloni and Alamaya strength testing

Zongoloni dustbathing

Zongoloni scratching

Zongoloni playing with dust

Zongoloni scratching bottom

Zongoloni getting ready to charge the baboons

Zongoloni in the bushes

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