Arruba's latest photos

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Arruba and Ndoria with wild herd

Arruba and Mbirikani

Suswa and Arruba after bathing


Arruba and Bada saluting each other

Ndoria coming up to Arruba

Arruba sitting on the stockade terrace

Arruba rubbing against Nelion

Arruba scratching behind her ear

Arruba solo browsing

Arruba and Bada enjoying pushing games

Ishaq-B smelling Arruba's mouth

Arruba attempting to enter the water hole

Arruba with a mouthful of leaves

Tundani admiring Arruba bathing skills

Arruba and Embu enjoying their mud-bath

Arruba browsing

Arruba scratching

Arruba left with the others

Embu left and Arruba scratching

Arruba playing

Arruba dustbathing

Arruba at the water trough

Arruba scrtching against a rock


Arruba after a mudbath at the stockade

Arruba scratching

Arruba browsing

Arruba running up to join the others

Arruba and Ishaq B with Tahri

Arruba playing

Arruba with Godoma

Arruba testing the waters

Arruba kicking the water

Kihari playing with Arruba

Arruba at mud-bath

Arruba in a playful mood

Arruba splashing water

Arruba trying to entice Tahri to join her

Arruba investigating the big Baobab

Arruba and the others behind her

Mashariki, Nelion and Arruba

Arruba, left, and Kihari playing

Arruba enjoying some browse

Naipoki and Arruba having a lovely dusting game

Rorogoi and Arruba at the edge of the water

Arruba scratching up against the Baobab

Arruba with a mouthful of grass

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