Arruba's latest photos

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Rorogoi and Arruba sniffing

Arruba, left and Mashariki browsing

Suswa and Arruba in a dusting game

Suswa, left browsing with Arruba

Balguda went on his own mission with Arruba

Arruba went off to look for the baby group

Arruba checking on Naseku

Suswa did not see much of Arruba today

Alamaya, Suswa, Arruba and Dupotto in front

Arruba and Mashariki playing

Arruba going to meet the babies

Arruba, Suswa and Kauro

Arruba is the mama who disciplines naughty ones

Arruba and Suswa enjoyed playing with Balguda

Arruba and Suswa continued bashing around

Arruba in front and Suswa

Arruba trying to browse as fast as the others

Arruba was charging around the forest

Suswa has been playing mum to Arruba

Arruba and Suswa

Arruba going to enjoy her dust bath

Arruba and Suswa playing


Arruba and Suswa being affectionate

Arruba and Suswa

Arruba dust bathing with the older orphans

Arruba, Suswa and Mashariki

Suswa, Arruba and Oltaiyoni

Kauro, Arruba and Suswa

Kauro playing with Arruba

Arruba and Kauro

Kauro, Arruba, Embu and Enkikwe in the dust

Arruba, Kauro and Boromoko playing

Rorogoi, Suswa and Arruba playing

Arruba and Oltaiyoni browse away from the others

Arruba in the forest

Arruba taking water

Oltaiyoni wants to be alone wit Arruba today

Mashariki and Arruba

Rorogoi tries to join Arruba and Oltaiyoni

Arruba is very protective


Rorogoi and Arruba

Arruba bush bashing

Arruba coming to Siangiki's rescue

Arruba stayed behind with Siangiki

Arruba took care of Boromoko

Arruba and Embu after their oiling

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