Arruba's latest photos

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Naipoki and Arruba having a lovely dusting game

Rorogoi and Arruba at the edge of the water

Arruba scratching up against the Baobab

Arruba with a mouthful of grass

Arruba pushing Ndoria against the Baobab

Araba and Arruba also search for water in a cave

Arruba back and Rorogoi play in an erosion trench

Arruba bangs her head in the erosion trench

Arruba browsing

Arruba scratching

Arruba playing at mudbath

Panda pushing Arruba from behind

Arruba at bottle feed

Panda pushing Arruba into the cold water

Arruba enjoying a scratch after milk feed

Arruba scratching belly against fallen tree

Arruba at the mud-bath

Arruba and Panda dusting

Arruba Kenia Araba and Ishaq-B

Arruba browsing

Arruba on a scratchign mission

Arruba having a nap

Arruba browsing


Arruba drinking water

Arruba and Panda browsing

Arruba scratchign against a tree

Ishaq-B, Kenia and Ndii with Arruba

Arruba scratches on a tree

Arruba scratches on the water trough wall

Arruba at the stockades

Lentili and Arruba enjoy browsing

Naipoki and Arruba congratulating Rorogoi

Naipoki leaning on Arruba

Layoni and Arruba dusting games

Arruba sucking on Suswa's ears

Panda Arruba and Lentili

Nelion and Arruba engaging

Arruba wall games

Arruba trying to suck on Suswa's ear

Arruba at the mud bath

Arruba leans against a rock, after feeding

Arruba rubbing onto a tree

Arruba and Bada wrestle with a wild elephant

Arruba playing as Suswa watches

Ishaq-B taking on Arruba

Arruba drawing warmth from the soil

Mudanda and Arruba driking water

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