Arruba's latest photos

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Arruba joins a wild herd

Suswa and Arruba with a wild calf

Arruba sniffing the air

Arruba browsing

Arruba centre diverting her browsing

Arruba being left behind by the others

Ishaq-B left and Arruba

Arruba at the front of the group

Kivuko browsing with Arruba

Arruba browsing with Kivuko

Ndoria left attaches herself to Arruba

Arruba blocking Naipoki & Lentili

Arruba playing with a small tree

Ndoria and Arruba

Arruba looking for remains of copra cake

Arruba out browsing

Araba and Panda left, Suswa and Arruba right

Arruba with others feeding on copra cake

Arruba enjoying some nice greens on Msinga

Arruba and her friends eating copra cake

Arruba going to browse with Suswa

Arruba, Suswa and Araba at the back

Suswa leading with Arruba behind and the others

Arruba, Mashariki and Nelion browsing

Rorogoi,Arruba, Mashiriki and Lentili on the wall

Lentili, Arruba, Suswa, Nelion, Mashariki, Panda

Arruba scratching and eating at the same time

Arruba, left, and Ndoria having a bathing game

Arruba really enjoying the water

Arruba enjoying the last of the copra cake

Arruba bringing up the rear

Arruba enjoying her browsing

Arruba walking along the path from the stockades

Suswa and Arruba avoid interacting with wild ones

Embu enjoying a scratch on a tree after Arruba

Arruba plays some games

Suswa browsing with Arruba

Rorogoi left with Arruba and Lentili

Arruba and Rorogoi with Seraa

Arruba enjoying some dusting games

Arruba enjoying some browse

Arruba, the day before, enjoying some browse

The Voi orphans surround Arruba

Seraa holding Arruba

Arruba interacting with the Voi orphans

Suswa, left and Arruba browsing

Ndoria, right, with Arruba

Arruba & Rorogoi relaxing with the Voi orphans

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