Layoni's latest photos

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Layoni playing with Lempuate

Layoni follows Kivuko

Layoni and Suswa

Layoni, Suswa and Mudanda

Taveta following Layoni for a pushing game

Layoni in a tussle with Taveta

Layoni pushing away Taveta

Layoni and Taveta still at it

Layoni and Taveta at the end of their tussle

Layoni, Dabassa and Lempaute having a drink

Layoni behind the rocks

Layoni left, Kihari and Kivuko

Layoni and Mzima having a drink

Dabassa, Sinya, Taveta, Lempaute, Layoni

Layoni arriving

Layoni and Kivuko checking if any water left

Layoni browsing

Lesanju, Layoni and Lempaute visit in the eve

Layoni and Dabassa on the left with Emily's herd

Layoni coming to the stockade alone

Mweya with younger Layoni arriving

Emma rescues Eve, but then Layoni plays with Eve

Layoni sleeping and Rombo standing guard

Siria behind with Layoni in front

Layoni running away from the fighting bulls

Layoni at the stocakde

Layoni browsing with Kivuko

Layoni, Ndii and Kenia at the stockade

Layoni chasing away the water bucks

Dabassa and Layoni trying the cold water

Layoni coming to break up the game

Layoni looking for browse

Layoni pushing Tundani away from Nelion

Layoni browsing on his own

Layoni wallowing

Layoni scratching next to Mbirikani

Layoni browsing

Layoni, left, and Lempaute in a tussle

Dabassa interfering with Layoni's game

Layoni in a dusting game

Nelion and Bada fighting with Layoni close by

Layoni enjoying a good scratch

Layoni following the others

Layoni with wld herd in the stkd

Laikipia embracing Layoni

Mzima lft & Layoni

Layoni showcasing his bathing expertise

Layoni having a rolling game at the stockade

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