Layoni's latest photos

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Layoni and Rombo

Layoni playing in a gulley

Tassia and Layoni wrestle

Dabassa and Layoni say jambo to Lolokwe

Little Layoni usually loses the match

Layoni walks over a log

Layoni pushes over a tree in joy of winning

Layoni and Eve wrestling

Layoni having a good scratch

Layoni and Tassia together

Layoni and Kivuko play

Layoni and Mbirikani

Tassia and Layoni push over a scratching tree

Layoni enjoys rolling in the mud

Tassia and Layoni wrestle

Layoni is the centre of attention

Tassia bonds with Layoni

Layoni leads Dabassa to go kick water buckets

Layoni scratching on a rock

Sinya warns Layoni to be more careful

Layoni rubbing on Wasessa

Tassia & Layoni have a scratch

Layoni dustbathing

Ndii, Layoni & Kenia check the temperature

Layoni and the wild bull

Layoni with ears flared

Layoni having a scratch

Ndii, Layoni and Mudanda

Layoni wallowing

Tassia takes on Layoni

Layoni eating Lucerne

Kivuko and Layoni browsing together

Layoni and Tassia playing

Mzima and Layoni enjoying a wallow

Layoni splashing at mudbath

Layoni lying in the water

Layoni browsing in the field

Kenia and Layoni browsing on Mazinga hill

Layoni at the field

Tassia and Layoni strength testing

Layoni and Tassia

Layoni picking up grass

Layoni having his milk

Layoni, Tsavo and Shimba

Layoni in the field

Layoni having a drink of water

Layoni on the slopes of Mazinga Hill

Layoni, Kenia and the others bathing

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