Layoni's latest photos

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Kenia, Ndii and Layoni with a wild bull


Layoni and Rombo browsing together

Layoni leading

Layoni dustbathing

Rombo left and Layoni enter the mudbath

Layoni exiting the mudbath

Layoni running

Layoni scratching

Layoni, Kivuko and Dabassa

Layoni standing at the dustbath

Layoni soil dusting

Kenia left browsing with Layoni

Layoni with a tight grip on the bottle

Layoni with a handfull of copra cake

Layoni having a milk bottle

Layoni scratching

Layoni scratching after a mudbath

Layoni left and Taveta mudbathing

Layoni browsing

Layoni feeding

Layoni, Ndii and Rombo mudbathing

Layoni splashing mud

Layoni splashing mud

Taveta down, Tassia and Layoni playing

Layoni sliding down the bank

Layoni sitting on the bank

Layoni rests his head on Taveta

Layoni scratching


Tassia right playing with Layoni

Layoni having milk


Layoni sitting on Tassia

Layoni playing

Layoni on the left with Wasessa


Layoni left and Rombo on Mazinga hill

Layoni climbing to the top of Mazinga hill

Layoni climbing on Taveta

Layoni running off with his milk bottle

Layoni on Mazinga Hill

Monitor lizard that scared Rombo,Dabassa & Layoni

Wasessa goes to Layoni's aid

Layoni on Mazinga Hill


Layoni playing in the water

Dabassa left, Rombo and Layoni at the mudbath

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