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Rombo and Layoni settling a score

Layoni with the wild bull

Wasessa rescuing Mudanda from pushy Layoni

Layoni sucking his trunk

Layoni browsing

Layoni before heading off to bathe

Layoni lying on Wasessa stomach

Kiviko and Layoni strength testing

Layoni right picking a branch to tickle Kivuko

Layoni right helping Tassia to break the branch

Layoni enjoying her bath after evicting Mzima

Layoni browsing

Layoni behind Kenia

Layoni coming out leaving Kivuko in the water

Mzima, Kivuko and Layoni leave the cold water

Layoni and Kivuko in a water game

Layoni sitting on the edge of the mudbath

Layoni waiting for his milk

Taveta & Layoni battling it out

Layoni & Taveta playing on their own

Layoni trying to charge

Layoni walks on apace

Layoni having a good scratch

Layoni sitting on her bottom

Taveta with Layoni lying down

Dabassa and Layoni playing in the mud

Layoni and Tassia playing

Layoni and Tassia playing

Layoni scratching on a rock

Layoni left with Dabassa with a wild friend

Tassia fighting with Layoni

Layoni and Kenia spending some time together

Dabasa and Layoni play fighting

Dabasa and Layoni continuing their fight

Layoni attempting to mount Rombo

Layoni trying to play with Sinya in the mud

Rombo and Layoni

Tassia & Layoni wrestle

Layoni and Rombo

Layoni wrestles with Tassia

Taveta and Layoni having a drink of water

Layoni right in a pushing game with Rombo

Tassia and Layoni tussle over Lucerne

Layoni browsing

Layoni scratching

Layoni in a pushing game with Rombo

Layoni standing in the mudbath

Kihari with Layoni and Madanda

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