Luggard's Archival Photos

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Murera Luggard and Quanza

Murera being protective of Luggard

Murera comforting Luggard

Luggard with his surrogate mothers

Luggard happy to be close to Murera

Lima Lima watches over Luggard

Luggard with Murera

Luggard happily browsing

Luggard stays close to Murera

Luggard covered in mud

Luggard flanked by Sonje and Lima Lima

Luggard with Ngasha and the wild bull.

Mwashoti watches over Luggard and Quanza napping

Murera and Luggard browsing

Luggard covered in mud

Murera Luggard and Sonje browsing

Luggard with surrogate mothers

Luggard has his milk

Quanza and Sonje bring Luggard to the mud-bath

Luggard foraging

Luggard surrounded by the matriarchs

Quanza looking after Luggard

Murera and Luggard moving through the forest

Murera with Luggard

Mwashoti looking after Luggard

Lima Lima looking after Luggard

Luggard waiting for Murera

Lima Lima protective of Luggard

Murera snuggling up to Luggard

Murera and Luggard down at the mud bath

Luggard enjoying the long grass

Murera browsing with Luggard and Enkesha

Luggard browsing with Sonje

Murera leading Quanza and Luggard

Lima Lima and Murera browsing away from Luggard

Luggard with Murera

Quanza and Luggard browsing together

Lima Lima leads Luggard to the waterhole

Luggard greeting Sonje at the mud bath

Luggard with his caregivers

Luggard browsing with Sonje

Quanza and Luggard enjoy browsing together

Luggard feeling safe with Murera

Luggard plucking grass

Murera splashing mud on Luggard

Luggard with Murera

Sonje and Luggard browsing

Murera watches over Luggard as he rests