Luggard's latest photos

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Quanza browsing with Luggard

Murera takes Luggard for a walk

Luggard and Enkesha going for their training

Luggard and Enkesha getting onto the lorry

Luggard cuddling his Keeper from his stable

Nabulu browsing with Luggard

Luggard and Ziwadi with warthogs

Everyone doting on Luggard and Enkesha

Maisha, Tagwa, and Luggard at the mud bath

Luggard walking

Luggard excited to have a dust bath

Nabulu and Luggard snuggling

Luggard during his training

Zongoloni giving Luggard a trunk hug

Luggard happily browsing on his own

Luggard with Roho coming down for their milk

Maisha, Tagwa, Luggard at the dust mound

Luggard, Dololo, And Ziwadi running down

Luggard walking with his Keeper

Naboishu saying hello to Luggard

Luggard munching in fresh greens

Luggard browsing

Luggard, Dololo and Kimbo at the mud-bath

Luggard scratching his trunk against a tree

Luggard after 3pm milk feed

Luggard finds some juicy green shoots

Luggard rubbing his eye

Luggard with Maisha and Kiasa

Sattao browsing near Luggard

Musiara and Luggard out on the rocks

Luggard waving his trunk in the field

Luggard smelling for more milk

Luggard out browsing

Luggard suckling his bottle

Musiara and Luggard out in the forest

Luggard staying close to his Keeper

Luggard following his Keepers and the orphans

Ziwadi and Luggard heading to the field together

Luggard, Larro, and Maisha out browsing

Ziwadi walking with Luggard

Luggard out browsing near the forest

Luggard drinking some water


Luggard in a stream




Kiombo, Mukkoka, and Luggard walking to the forest

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