Luggard's Archival Photos

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Murera and Luggard browsing

Murera Luggard and Mwashoti browsing

Zongoloni comforting Luggard

Luggard browsing on his own

Luggard and Murera find some sweet grass

Luggard covers himself in mud

Luggard with mouthful of grass, with Murera

Luggard talking to Lima Lima

Luggard surrounded by his protective herd

Enkesha and Luggard both enjoy their milk

Murera and Sonje show Luggard how to peel bark

Murera takes Luggard out to browse

Enkesha and Luggard protected by the matriarchs

Zongoloni affectionate towards Enkesha and Luggard

Murera comforting Luggard

Sonje Luggard and Murera under the shade

Luggard with Jasiri

Luggard feeling sleepy next to Sonje

Murera and Luggard browsing

Murera with Luggard at the waterhole

Lima Lima looking after Luggard

Luggard rolling in the mud as Murera keeps guard

Lima Lima welcoming Luggard

Lima Lima never leaving Luggard's side

Lima Lima browses near Luggard

Enkesha Luggard and Murera bonding

Quanza browsing with Luggard

Luggard feeling loved by Murera

Murera and Luggard in the forest

Murera guarding Luggard

Murera takes Luggard for a walk

Murera brings Luggard to the waterhole to cool off

Quanza Looking after Luggard

Lima Lima trying to steal Luggard

Luggard cuddling his Keeper from his stable

Nabulu browsing with Luggard

Luggard and Ziwadi with warthogs

Luggard and Enkesha going for their training

Luggard and Enkesha getting onto the lorry

Everyone doting on Luggard and Enkesha

Maisha, Tagwa, and Luggard at the mud bath

Luggard walking

Zongoloni giving Luggard a trunk hug

Luggard happily browsing on his own

Nabulu and Luggard snuggling

Luggard during his training

Luggard excited to have a dust bath

Luggard with Roho coming down for their milk