Luggard's latest photos

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Musiara browsing with Luggard.

Luggard browsing

Luggard eating fresh grass

Luggard down at the mud bath

Kiasa, Luggard, Maisha and Enkesha browsing

Luggard eating a blade of grass

Luggard running down for his milk

Luggard enjoying his bottle of milk

Luggard resting on Mukkoka

Luggard enjoying the fresh greens

Maisha, Luggard, and Musiara browsing

Luggard following his Keeper

Luggard drinking all on his own

Luggard running for his milk

Luggard walking to get his milk

Luggard proudly holding his own bottle

Maisha and Luggard browsing




Luggard playing around

Dupotto with Luggard behind

Luggard nice and muddy!

Luggard, Kiombo and Nabulu

Luggard Kiombo and Maisha browsing

Luggard having his milk bottle

Luggard with a mouthful of grass

Luggard at the mud-bath

Luggard in the forest

Luggard making his way down to get his milk bottle.

Luggard walking in the field.

Luggard smelling a puddle

Luggard enjoying the mud

Luggard drinking water

Luggard eyeing the milk wheelbarrow

Luggard trailing behind the rest of the herd

Kuishi with Luggard

Luggard holding his bottle

Luggard enjoying the mud

Luggard making his way to the 9am feed

Luggard sucking milk from his trunk






Luggard with Larro


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