Luggard's latest photos

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Luggard sniffing the air


Luggard walking with his Keeper

Luggard scratching his ear

Sana Sana returns to check on Luggard and Musiara

Luggard plucking at branches

The Keepers find Luggard in the bushes

Musiara not too far from where Luggard was

Luggard with his keeper

Luggard finds a quiet spot to browse

Luggard browsing patiently until the 9am feed

Malkia and Luggard at the 9am feed

Luggard browsing

Luggard with his Keeper

Luggard walking with his keeper

Luggard out in the forest



Luggard running after his friend Musiara

Luggard running in for his bottles

Luggard out in the bushes

Luggard following the other orphans and Kiko

Luggard going to browse

Luggard browsing

Musiara waiting for his friend Luggard

Luggard before the Impala surprised him

Luggard with his Keeper

Luggard decides to also head back to his room

Musiara has been missing his friend Luggard

Luggard has stayed with the Keepers in the forest

Poor Luggard hasn't been feeling well

Luggard was feeling a bit better

Luggard at mud bath

Luggard coming in for milk

Luggard feeling better

Luggard browsing

Luggard fanning his ear

Luggard staying by the bushes

Mapia and Luggard having milk

Luggard at mudgath

Luggard feeling a bit more energetic

Luggard returns home early

Luggard browsing

Sweet Luggard

Musiara waiting for Luggard

Sweet Luggard

Luggard browsing

Luggard running for his milk bottle

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