Luggard's latest photos

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Luggard feeling a bit more energetic

Luggard returns home early

Luggard browsing

Sweet Luggard

Musiara waiting for Luggard

Sweet Luggard

Luggard browsing

Luggard running for his milk bottle

Luggard using a branch as a scratching post

Luggard was taken to cover while it rained

Luggard, Kuishi, Sattao and Lasayen

Luggard relaxing

Luggard with Murit

Sweet Luggard out in the forest

Godoma, Musiara and Luggard

Luggard walking out to the forest

Luggard with Kuishi

Enkesha with Luggard

Luggard wanted to play too

Luggard with Musiara

Luggard wanted to browse with Mbegu too

Luggard running to catch Jotto

Luggard leading

The babies being followed by Luggard

Luggard following the babies and their keeper

Luggard loves the little ones

Luggard with all the babies

Sweet Luggard

Luggard likes staying with the baby group

Luggard with the babies

Luggard near the hanging blanket

Luggard was having such fun with Murit

Despite his leg, Luggard enjoys pushing games

Luggard playing with Enkesha

Luggard with Enkesha

Luggard speaking to Ngilai

Luggard leading the orphans

Luggard with Ngilai

Luggard going for soil dusting

Luggard walking with his keeper

Luggard likes to try and keep up with his friends

Luggard going to the mud bath

Tamiyoi with Luggard behind

Lasayen, Tamiyoi and Luggard

Luggard likes to accompany Mbegu

Luggard went to play after having his milk bottle

Jotto browsing with Luggard behind

Luggard walking with his keeper

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