Murera's latest photos

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Murera listening to sounds from the forest

Murera looking for Kiasa

Murera and Maktao stop to quench their thirst

Murera enjoys morning dusting

Murera chewing on acacia branches

Sonje and Murera stop for a quick drink

Murera running for her midday bottle

Murera stops at the new water trough

Sonje and Murera leading the orphans home

Murera enjoying playing in the dust

Murera and Kiasa lead the Umani herd home.

Murera leading orphans to find shade

Murera with her wild bull friend

Kiasa and Murera browsing together

Murera digging for minerals

Murera scratching her face

Murera pulling down acacia branches to feast on

Our beautiful girl Murera

Murera browsing

Mwashoti and Murera browsing

Murera in a happy mood

Murera flapping her ears

Murera getting the herd ready to leave

Murera Luggard and Quanza

Murera being protective of Luggard

Murera looking very relaxed

Murera on her way to the mud-bath

Murera with the new babies

Murera splashing at the mud-bath

Murera enjoying the sunshine

Murera and Lima Lima by the dust mound

Quanza and Murera with friends in the Chyulu Hills

Murera and Sonje maneuvering over some rocks

Murera takes a break from browsing

Murera browsing

Murera playful mood

Murera comforting Luggard

Murera enjoying browse in Umani Hills

Sonje leading Murera

Luggard with Murera

Luggard happy to be close to Murera

Mwashoti and Murera at the water trough

Murera and Sonje consult on their next move

Murera at the water trough

Luggard stays close to Murera

Murera and Jasiri browsing

Murera in Chyulu Hills

Murera enjoys solo browsing

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