Murera's latest photos

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Murera moving through the bushes

Murera foraging

Murera waiting for her friends

Murera looking very majestic

Murera catches scent of a wild bull

Murera and Enkesha browsing

Murera in the Chyulus

Murera resting after mud-bath

Murera and Quanza waiting for the rest

Orphans running to Murera

Murera scratching her chest

Bottoms up for Murera

Murera leading her babies to Chyulu Hills

Murera catches a wild scent

Murera with her friends

Murera and Mwashoti at the dust mound

Mwashoti rumbling at Murera

Murera and Enkesha browse together

Murera moving through the forest

Murera arrives to join her friends

Murera scratching her belly

Maktao and Murera waiting for their friends

Zongoloni and Murera playing

Murera with a stick in her mouth

Murera splashing mud on her chest

Murera scratching her bottom

Murera dusting

Murera looking for shade

Murera and Lima Lima waiting for their friends

Murera pulling down branches

Murera and Sonje flanking Kiombo

Murera and Kiasa walking to midday feed

Murera and Sonje leading the babies to midday feed

Murera walking towards Kenze Hills

Murera splashing water in the mudbath

Murera finds juicy acacia

Murera finds a tree to scratch on

Murera in her element

Our beautiful girls Murera Sonje and Quanza

Murera enjoying the soft green grass

Murera and Kiasa at the mudbath

Mwashoti and Murera at the midday feed

Murera getting ready to dust herself

Beautiful girl Murera

Murera arrives at the mud bath

Murera browsing

Murera has a drink of water

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