Murera's latest photos

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Luggard and Murera find some sweet grass

Luggard with mouthful of grass, with Murera

Murera and Sonje show Luggard how to peel bark

Murera takes Luggard out to browse

Murera comforting Luggard

Sonje Luggard and Murera under the shade

Murera with her little ones

Murera and Luggard browsing

Murera with Luggard at the waterhole

Luggard rolling in the mud as Murera keeps guard

Murera and Lima Lima at the waterhole

Enkesha Luggard and Murera bonding

Luggard feeling loved by Murera

Murera and Luggard in the forest

Murera guarding Luggard

Murera takes Luggard for a walk

Murera brings Luggard to the waterhole to cool off

Murera and Mwashoti foraging in the forest.

Murera trying to catch the orphans scent

Murera leads orphans to the Hills

Murera with a mouthful of greens

Murera following Alamaya to Kenze Hills

Murera pulling down the dead branch

Murera surrounded by her babies

Alamaya trying to get Murera to forgive him

Murera and Mwashoti browsing

Murera after her mudbath

Murera catching scent of the baboons

Murera leading Mwashoti to 11am milk feed

Murera and Jasiri

Murera browsing

Murera playing on wet earth

Murera relaxing on the soil pile

Murera near the mudbath

Murera in the forest

Murera lying down to invite others to play

Murera busy browsing

Murera enjoying greens

Murera browsing on the pathway

Murera playing

Murera forgaing

Murera in the forest

Murera browsing with Mwashoti

Murera near some big bushes

Murera with Alamaya

Murera at the dust bath

Murera scratching

Alamaya and Murera at the saltlick

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