Murera's latest photos

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Murera comforting Luggard

Murera enjoying browse in Umani Hills

Sonje leading Murera

Luggard with Murera

Luggard happy to be close to Murera

Mwashoti and Murera at the water trough

Murera and Sonje consult on their next move

Murera at the water trough

Luggard stays close to Murera

Murera and Jasiri browsing

Murera in Chyulu Hills

Murera enjoys solo browsing

Murera walking home in the evening

Murera and Luggard browsing

Murera surrounded by water lillies

Murera Luggard and Sonje browsing

Murera getting ready to go home

Murera reaching for the tallest branches

Murera with a branch in her mouth

Murera browsing

Murera rubbing her trunk on a tree

Enkesha and Murera running away from crane birds

Murera drinking from a stream

Murera with Luggard

Murera scratches her trunk

Murera and Luggard moving through the forest

Shukuru and Murera find a tasty shrub to share

Murera cools off in the mud

Luggard waiting for Murera

Murera enjoying the acacia

Murera deep in the Kenze HIll

Murera snuggling up to Luggard

Lima Lima and Murera browsing away from Luggard

Murera, Enkesha and the orphans mud bathing

Murera and Luggard down at the mud bath

Murera browsing with Luggard and Enkesha

Murera leading Quanza and Luggard

Murera in Umani Hills

Luggard with Murera

Murera flaring her ears at something in the forest

Murera grabbing an acacia branch

Murera leading Sonje

Murera scratching her leg

Murera inside the waterhole

Playful Murera

Luggard feeling safe with Murera

Quanza and Murera browsing

Quanza and Murera playing in the water

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