Murera's latest photos

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Luggard and Murera browsing

Murera protective of little Luggard

Luggard tucks himself under Murera

Murera Sonje browsing with Luggard

Murera walking out of the waterhole

Sonje Luggard and Murera at the mud-bath

Murera in the mud-bath

Murera and Mwashoti on Umani Hills

Murera wallowing

Luggard rests as Sonje and Murera watch over him

Murera and Sonje in deep conversation

Murera solo browsing

Murera and Luggard dusting

Murera browsing in the forest

Murera breaking branches

Murera waiting for Luggard

Murera investigating Ziwa's mouth

Murera splashing water with Luggard next to her

Lima Lima with Luggard and Murera

Murera after a dust bath

Lima Lima Luggard and Murera at the water hole

Murera watching Luggard splashing himself

Murera browsing in the forest

Murera enjoying her dust-bath

Murera leaving the mud-bath

Murera dusting

Murera early morning drink before heading out

Luggard leaning on Murera

Lima Lima and Murera with Luggard between them

Luggard watches as Murera dusts

Murera on the dust pile

Murera and Luggard waiting for the midday feed

Murera and Luggard peeling acacia bark

Murera cooling off in the shade

Sonje and Murera leading the herd

Murera and Luggard at the water trough

Alamaya and Murera friendly pushing games

Lima Lima Luggard and Murera browsing together

Murera showing Luggard the best browse

Luggard with Murera whilst holding his milk bottle

Murera and Luggard browsing

Murera enjoying the mud bath

Murera stops to quench her thirst

Murera enjoys wallowing

Murera enjoys a good scratch

Murera Luggard and Mwashoti browsing

Murera and Enkesha getting ready to walk home

Murera showing off bathing skills

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