Nelion's Archival Photos

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Nelion and Mashariki browsing with the others

Nelion scratching

Nelion standing under a small tree

Arruba rubbing against Nelion

Nelion trying to sniff out where his friends are

Nelion Ndoria and Suswa attempt to swim in the cold water

Bada and Nelion browsing

Ndoria left out of Nelion Tundani conversation

Nelion and Panda greeting Emma

Nelion engaging Mashariki

Nelion at the mud-bath

Tundani holding and admiring Nelion tusks

Nelion getting ready to splash water

Lentili listening toTundani & Nelion conversation

Nelion and Mashariki engaging

Nelion scratching

Nelion trying to engage Ndoria

Tundani left playing with Nelion

Dabassa and Nelion strength testing

Nelion in the lead

Panda right playing with Nelion

Nelion lying on the ground

Nelion sniffing

Lasayen and Godoma enjoy scratching with Nelion

Nelion scratching between two trees

Nelion and Tundani strength testing

Nelion scratching

Nelion browsing

Panda left and Nelion strength testing

Nelion browsing

Nelion and Tundani strenth testing

Nelion scratching

Nelion and Panda

Nelion in his favourite morning scratching place

Layoni playing with Nelion

Nelion having a good scratch

Rorogoi scratching after Nelion

Wild bull playing with Nelion

Rorogoi playing with Nelion

Panda, Nelion and Mudanda following wild cow

Rorogoi and Nelion pleased to see Laikipia

Nelion ready to start morning activities

Panda and Nelion teasing each other

Nelion and Tundani in strength testing games

Nelion and Tundani in strength testing games

Mashariki, Nelion and Arruba

Dabassa following Nelion

Nelion scratching his back

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