Nelion's Archival Photos

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Nelion in the water

Nelion and Ishaq-B in the water

Nelion and Dabassa engage in pushing games

Bada and Nelion browsing together

Nelion and Ishaq-B tusking up

Ajali pushing Nelion out of the shade

Nelion trying to be included in the games

Nelion finds a nice browsing spot

Nelion walking towards the orphans

Nelion enjoying the lush vegetation

Nelion scratching against a low lying tree

Nelion left and Dabassa

Tundani front and Nelion browsing

Dabassa and Nelion strength testing

Nelion front, Ndii & Ishaq-B browsing

Nelion front playing in the erosion trench

Nelion gently pushing Tundani away


Nelion playing

Naipoki left and Nelion browsing

Nelion curious about the wild bull

Nelion scratches belly on a fallen tree

Nelion, Bada, Mudanda and Rorogoi

Nguvu and Nelion get ready for browsing

Nelion trying to uproot a rock

Nelion browsing

Nelion relaxing

Dabassa engages Nelion

Nelion walking towards a wild elephant herd

Nelion and Tundani early morning games

Lentili intervenes between Dabassa and Nelion

Nelion after mud bath

Nelion with the other Orphans

Nelion and Rorogoi feed on range cubes

Nelion and Tundani engaging

Nelion riding Mudanda's back

Nelion browsing

Dabassa testing Nelion

Nelion with the wild ele herd

Nelion and Arruba engaging

Nelion sniffing the air

Nelion and Ishaq-B pushing games

Nelion frnt & Mudanda bck

Nelion lft & Ndoria browsing

Nelion rgt playing with Ishaq b

Nelion scratching on a tree trunk

Nelion and Bada in a quiet browsing moment

Nelion looking for green shoots

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