Nelion's Archival Photos

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Nelion just after the lion attack

Godoma and Nelion

Tundani and Nelion having a drink

Nelion dust bathing

Keepers attend to Nelion while orphans comfort him

Nelion in the water, wild bull approaches

Godoma climbing over Nelion

Nelion back on his feet after treatment

Keepers cleaning & attending to Nelion's wounds

Nelion rubbing against Kenia

Tundani left and Nelion

Nelion left playing with a wild friend


Nelion browsing

Nelion leaving the mud bath

Nelion browsing with Tundani

Nelion scratching

Tundani and Nelion sparring

Tundani and Nelion

Nelion in the water trough

Nelion busy browsing

Nelion and Tundani

Tundani following Nelion

Nelion scratching

Nelion and Ndotto strength testing

Ishaq-B left, Tundani and Nelion

Nelion sparring iwth Arruba

Pika Pika walks away from Nelion & Arruba

Tundani and Nelion playing in the rain

Tundani playing with Nelion

Nelion splashing water on himself

Nelion and Ishaq-B

Nelion after wallowing

Nelion mounting on Arruba

Nelion riding on Arruba

Nelion and Tundani

Nelion riding on Tundani

Nelion, Ndoria and Mashariki

Ndoria, Tundani and Nelion

Nelion scratching

Mudanda, Mashariki, Ndoria and Nelion

Nelion and Lentili

Nelion trying to engage Sagala


Nelion and Panda coming out of the water

Nelion, Emoli and Ngilai browsing together

Nelion and Ndotto strength testing

Nelion front and Rorogoi mud bathing

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