Nelion's Archival Photos

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Ajali and Nelion enjoying each others company

Dabassa and Nelion at the stockades

Nelion moves up hill

Nelion drinking direct with his mouth

Nelion browsing

Nelion and Tundani strength games

Nelion enjoying the mudbath

Ndoria and Nelion

Tundani and Nelion playing

Nelion browsing

Nelion is sent to fetch Ajali

Wild bull runs to Nelion's rescue

Nelion after morning bottle

Tundani trying to sit on Nelion's head

Nelion and Lentili scratching

Nelion pushes back Tundani

Nelion browsing

Tundani and Nelion showcasing their strength

Nelion enjoying his own unique bathing style

Tundani riding on Nelion

Ishaq-B rescuing Nelion from Tundani

Nelion leading orphans up Msinga Hill

Nelion browsing

Tundani and Nelion in a bathing competition

Nelion and Embu

Tundani and Nelion strength testing

Nelion digging soil from the waterhole walls


Nelion browsing

Nelion grabbing Rorogoi's tail

Tundani and Nelion engaging in some play time

Nelion browsing

Nelion and Tundani in a tussle

Nelion admiring the dusting games

Nelion threatening to push the tree

Nelion enjoying his bath

Nelion protesting Kihara's arrival

Suswa lying on Nelion

Nelion loves the mud and water

Ndii and Nelion buttock scratching games

Nelion right and Tundani in strength testing game

Nelion with a wild elephant

Nelion scratching

Nelion playing

Tundani left hiding from Nelion

Nelion climbing on Mudanda's back

Nelion and Tundani in strength testing games

Nelion taking a scratch on a rock

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