Nelion's Archival Photos

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Nelion having milk

Nelion greeting the keeper

Olsekki, Balguda and Nelion Browsing

Nelion shows of his growing tusks

Nelion has the largest tusks around

Nelion picking up a scent

Nelion browsing

Nelion and Barsilinga in the forest

Nelion chasing Quanza

Nelion minding his own business


Nelion puts his head in to drink


Nelion likes to put his head in to drink

Nelion at the mud bath

Nelion taking his milk

Nelion likes to put his head right in to drink

Faraja and Nelion love the mudbath

Nelion and Kithaka in the mudbath

Nelion and Mashariki

Vuria with Nelion behind

Nelion on arrival

Nelion takes milk

Jasiri and Nelion at the mudbath

Nelion out in the bush with the others

Nelion wants to join in Balguda and Ngasha's game

Naipoki greets Nelion

Nelion escorted by Vuria at the public viewing

Nelion in the bush

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