Quanza's latest photos

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Quanza playing with Alamaya

Quanza and Sonje with Kiombo

Quanza scratching her belly

Quanza and Sonje rest with their babies

Alamaya and Quanza at the water trough

Mwashoti and Quanza browsing

Our beautiful girls Murera Sonje and Quanza

Quanza plucking acacia

Quanza and Maktao leaving the Springs

Quanza sniffing the holes in the tree

Quanza and Murera in the mud-bath

Quanza and Sonje with their babies

Lima Lima and Quanza at the mud-bath

Quanza taking a break under the shade

Quanza in the Umani Hills

Quanza and Kiasa browsing

Mwashoti playing with Quanza

Quanza browsing in the forest

Quanza enjoys browsing

Quanza dusting her back

Tired Quanza and Mwashoti ready to go home

Quanza leading orphans to midday feed

Quanza picks up a wild smell

Quanza at the mud bath

Sonje pushing Quanza

Quanza takes a break from browsing

Murera Luggard and Quanza

Quanza and Sonje waiting for their friends

Quanza and Murera with friends in the Chyulu Hills

Quanza at the water trough

Quanza in the Chyulu Hills

Quanza in the tall soft grass

Quanza kicking a soil mound

Quanza walking to join her friends

Quanza in a playful mood

Quanza waiting for noon bottle

Quanza foraging

Quanza with a mouthful of grass

Quanza feasting on acacia

Quanza finds juicy palm fronds

Quanza cooling off in the waterhole

Quanza reaching for the juiciest acacia shoots

Quanza and Enkesha stop at the Springs

Enkesha and Quanza at the water trough

Quanza catching a wild scent

Quanza in the big waterhole

Mwashoti watches over Luggard and Quanza napping

Quanza forging

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