Quanza's latest photos

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Quanza happily foraging

Quanza browsing in the forest with her friends

Quanza walking to the dust pile

Quanza and Murera browsing

Quanza and Luggard enjoy browsing together

Quanza and Murera playing in the water

Quanza splashing mud on herself

Quanza finds a quiet browsing spot

Quanza dusting

Quanza stops to quench her thirst

Quanza enjoying mud-bath

Mwashoti climbing on Quanza's back

Quanza with the wild bull

Quanza scratches against a dead tree

Quanza sitting in the mud

Alamaya and Quanza cooling off in the shade

Quanza and Alamaya greet each other

Quanza and Alamaya

Quanza enjoying the green grass

Quanza walking on some rocks

Quanza enjoying acacia branches

Quanza with a trunk full of grass

Quanza and Sonje in the mudbath

Quanza watches as Lima Lima cools off

Quanza looking for Shukuru

Lima Lima dusting as Quanza watches

Quanza covered in red dust

Alamaya showing Quanza where to browse

Quanza napping on the dust pile

Sonje and Quanza find a broken water pipe

Quanza leading the orphans after midday bottle

Quanza at the dust pile

Quanza dusting her back

Quanza foraging

Quanza catching the scent of the milk vehicle

Quanza catching the scent of baboons

Ziwa and Quanza

Quanza throwing dust

Quanza after the dustpile

Alamaya Sonje and Quanza browsing

Quanza reaching for the tallest branch

Enkesha leading Quanza and Mwashoti to the forest

Quanza cooling off under the shade

Quanza wallowing

Quanza moving through the forest

Quanza finds some soft green leaves

Quanza browsing deep in the forest

Quanza peels bark off a tree

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