Quanza's Latest Photos

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Quanza picking acacia flowers

Quanza with Alamaya


Ziwa and Quanza in the shade

Quanza smelling some wild elephants

Quanza cools off by flapping ears

Quanza patrolling

Quanza sniffing the air as she leads orphans to browse

Quanza enjoys wallowing

Quanza scratching her legs

Quanza comes out of the forest ready to go home

Quanza holding her own bottle

Quanza smelling the air

Quanza picking up pellets

Jasiri and Quanza


Quanza avoiding the waterhol

Quanza foraging in the Kenze Hill forest

Quanza leading the others

Quanza looking happy

Quanza walking through dry grass

Quanza with ears spread

Quanza having a drink

Quanza browsing with Ziwa

Quanza browsing after mudbath

Quanza trying to keep away from the thorns

Quanza busy browsing

Quanza ready to head out for the day

Quanza reaching for branches

Quanza leading the orphan herd

Quanza walking between the bushes


Quanza walking to the springs

Quanza picking acacia leaves

Quanza browsing towards the Umani hills

Quanza in the field

Quanza with a mouthfull of grass

Quanza in the bushes

Quanza with trunk raised sniffing the air

Quanza in the lead

Quanza by the waterhole

Quanza in the bushes browsing

Quanza looking for some tubers to eat

Quanza picking soft branches

Sweet Quanza

Quanza and Faraja walking along the road

Quanza picking some tasty leaves

Quanza following Sonje

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