Quanza's latest photos

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Quanza reaching for the tallest branch

Enkesha leading Quanza and Mwashoti to the forest

Quanza cooling off under the shade

Quanza wallowing

Quanza moving through the forest

Quanza finds some soft green leaves

Quanza browsing deep in the forest

Quanza peels bark off a tree

Quanza browsing

Quanza sniffing the air

Mwashoti and Quanza at the waterhole

Quanza Looking after Luggard

Enkesha and Quanza at the watertrough

Quanza browsing with Luggard

Quanza and Lima Lima browsing

Quanza enjoys the warm sunshine

Alamaya and Quanza having a private conversation

Quanza and Alamaya in a friendly pushing game

Quanza finds a sweet browsing spot

Quanza and Mwashoti moving towards Chyulu Hills

Quanza ready to go home

Quanza leads the orphans home

Quanza having a drink of water

Alamaya and Quanza sparring

Quanza coming out of the bushes

Quanza busy browsing

Quanza browsing on acacia leaves

Alamaya strength testing with Quanza

Quanza coming out of the forest

Quanza smelling wild elephants

Alamaya strength testing with Quanza

Quanza scratching one foot with the other

Quanza and Alamaya

Quanza and Lima Lima

Quanza under small acacia tree

Quanza picking leaves to eat

Quanza sniffing the air

Quanza on the road

Quanza with grass on her head

Quanza arriving for milk

Quanza browsing in the bushes

Quanza browsing in the bushes

Quanza scratching

Quanza still wet

Quanza browsing

Shukuru and Quanza leading


Quanza smelling the wild friends

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