Quanza's Latest Photos

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Quanza moves downhill

Quanza leads the orphans into the forest

Quanza feeding on green vegetation

Quanza between Mwashoti and Faraja

Quanza behind Faraja at the dustbath

Quanza busy browsing

Quanza dustbathing

Quanza in the bushes

Quanza picking vegetation from the trees

Quanza with ears flared

Quanza making her way to the forest

Quanza and Alamaya browsing together

Quanza in the forest

Quanza on the move

Quanza looking quite wet

Quanza smelling the air

Ngasha mounting Quanza

Quanza smelling wild elephant dung

Quanza busy browsing with the others

Quanza smelling the air

Quanza browsing

Quanza browsing with the others


Quanza scratching

Quanza feeding herself

Quanza moving quickly

Quanza and Ngasha pushing games

Quanza at Chyulu Hills

Ziwa taking grass out of Quanza's mouth

Quanza browsing in the bushes

Quanza enjoying some grass

Quanza scratching

Quanza walking up the hill

Quanza leading the babies

Quanza walking separately from her friends

Quanza browsing with Zongoloni

Quanza scratching her bottom

Quanza browsing in the forest

Quanza stops to scratch on a rock

Quanza finds some soft green grass

Ngasha and Quanza rush for their bottles

Quanza scratching on a log

Quanza looking for Sonje in the forest

Quanza picking up lucerne

Quanza in a playful mood

Quanza can smell some wild friends

Quanza in the forest

Quanza arrives for mud bath time

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