Quanza's latest photos

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Quanza browsing with the others


Quanza scratching

Quanza feeding herself

Quanza moving quickly

Quanza and Ngasha pushing games

Quanza at Chyulu Hills

Ziwa taking grass out of Quanza's mouth

Quanza browsing in the bushes

Quanza enjoying some grass

Quanza scratching

Quanza walking up the hill

Quanza leading the babies

Quanza walking separately from her friends

Quanza browsing with Zongoloni

Quanza scratching her bottom

Quanza browsing in the forest

Quanza stops to scratch on a rock

Quanza finds some soft green grass

Ngasha and Quanza rush for their bottles

Quanza scratching on a log

Quanza looking for Sonje in the forest

Quanza picking up lucerne

Quanza in a playful mood

Quanza can smell some wild friends

Quanza in the forest

Quanza arrives for mud bath time

Quanza only splashed part of her body

Jasiri and Quanza at the water trough

Quanza leeds orphans home from Chyulu Hills

Quanza and Zongoloni having some fun

Quanza enjoys the green branches

Quanza ready to begin her day

Lima lima and Quanza looking for pods

Quanza in the thick bushes

Quanza dusting

Quanza and her friends having a drink

Quanza drinking at the waterhole

Alamaya and Quanza having a drink

Murera and Quanza

Quanza and Ngasha in a pushing game

Quanza busy browsing

Quanza in front leading babies for swimming

Jasiri together with Quanza

Quanza with Sonje

Quanza enjoying eating

Quanza with Ngasha browsing in the fields

Quanza and Alamaya at the water trough

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