Quanza's Latest Photos

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Zongoloni and Quanza feeding on grass

Quanza happily browsing on acacia

Quanza and Faraja browsing on acacia

Ziwa behind Quanza

Quanza after a mud bath

Quanza leading the way

Quanza foraging alone

Quanza with Faraja

Quanza browsing in the fields

Quanza lying on the ground

Quanza, in front, with Faraja trying to eat grass

Quanza leading the babies to a new area

Quanza, left and faraja drinking water

Quanza feeding peacefully in the forest

Quanza and Ngasha dusting

Quanza scratching her hind

Quanza leading the other babies

Quanza charging at the noisy monkeys

Quanza flapping and Murera scratching

Quanza joining Murera

Quanza leading the others

Quanza with Lima Lima sitting on her bottom

Quanza rushing to Lima Lima

Beautiful Quanza picking up grass

Ziwa with Quanza splashing water

Ngasha and Quanza playing

Happy Quanza after her milk bottle

Quanza and Ziwa hidden in the bushes

Quanza in the browsing fields with the others

Quanza browsing on acacia trees

Quanza and Sonje looking for browse

Quanza selecting soft branches

Quanza chekcking on Sonje

Quanza following Lima Lima

Quanza in the thick, dry forest

Quanza busy foraging

Quanza throwing dust on her head

Quanza scratching her head

Quanza on the left with Faraja

Quanza with big ears

Quanza moving away from the mudbath

Quanza picking up some palms

Quanza busy filling her belly

Quanza busy browsing

Quanza looking very tired

Quanza scratching on a fallen tree

Quanza sitting on the Lucerne

Quanza picking up twigs

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