Quanza's Latest Photos

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Alamaya and Quanza chatting quietly

Quanza blowing dust with her trunk

Quanza leading orphans from the water hole

Quanza browsing

Quanza having a drink

Mwashoti and Quanza enjoying pods

Quanza sniffing for wild elephants

Quanza heading to the milk feeding area

Zongoloni and Quanza soil dusting

Quanza having a drink

Alamaya and Quanza leading the orphan group

Quanza enjoying acacia leaves

Quanza at the morning dustbath

Quanza and Lima Lima browsing together

Quanza having a drink with Zongoloni

Quanza by the side of the road


Quanza and Jasiri rolling around in the water

Quanza splashing the water

Murera and Quanza running

Quanza throwing some dust

Limalima stepping on her friend Quanza

Quanza in the forests,enjoying foilage

Quanza leading the orphans out

Quanza browsing with Ngasha

Sonje and Quanza at the waterhole

Quanza putting a lot of grass in her mouth

Quanza browsing nicely

Ziwa on the left with Quanza feeding on grass

Lima Lima and Quanza at the waterhole

Quanza climbing on Lima Lima's back

Quanza walking to get her milk bottle

Quanza and Jasiri arriving for their bottles

Quanza walking to the water troughs

Quanza putting a lot of grass in her mouth

Quanza having a good scratch

Quanza walking away after finishing her bottle

Quanza selecting tasty acacia leaves

Quanza and Jasiri smelling at the crested cranes

Quanza ready to follow her friends

Quanza in a happy and playful mood

Quanza walking behind Murera

Quanza browsing in the thick bush

Quanza at bottle feeding time

Quanza dusting up

Quanza scratching her itchy trunk

Quanza lying on the ground with Jasiri behind

Quanza after finishing her bottle

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