Rapa's Latest Photos

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Rapa with Kauro

Karisa and Rapa relaxing


Rapa playing with Galla

Sities with Rapa

Rapa in the browsing fields

Rapa soil bathing

Rapa scratching

Rapa browsing

Rapa rushing to 11am milk feed

Rapa dusting

Rapa playing with Kama

Rapa busy browsing

Rapa and Kamok browsing together

Rapa plays with Karisa

Rapa and Roi

Esampu and Rapa in the bush

Rapa knocks Karisa down when playing

Galla and Rapa browsing together

Rapa and Karisa

Naughty Nusu playing with Rapa

Tusuja and Rapa playing

Kauro and Rapa leading the orphans

Rapa leading

Rapa browsing

Rapa and Namalok running in for milk

Maramoja and Rapa scratch their trunks

Rapa looking much better

Rapa in the water hole

Kilaguni and Rapa

Rapa and Karisa

The 'racers' Rapa, Maramoja and Pare

Barsilinga, Rapa and Maramoja

Rapa, Pare and Maramoja

Maramoja, Rapa and Pare on their way

Turkwel, Maramoja, Rapa, Mutara

Rapa not interested in Ngilai's games

Rapa after being disciplined

Rapa running around

Rapa was playing around

Rapa beginning to dig up a root

Rapa in a very playful mood

Rapa and Ndotto playing a pushing game

Rapa chased the giraffe's away

Rapa browsing with the others

Rapa drinking

Rapa enjoying his milk bottle

Kauro, Lasayen and Rapa

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