Rapa's latest photos

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Rapa in the water

Mteto and Rapa

Rapa playing with Mapia

Dololo, Esampu and Rapa at the dust bath

Rapa climbing on Jotto

Rapa sparring with Musiara


Rapa and Kauro in the water

Rapa and Mundusi playing

Rapa rides on Mapia

Mteto and Rapa scratching

Wanjala playing with Rapa

Rapa, Sapalan and Esampu browsing together

Rapa feeding on Lucerne

Rapa drinking water

Wanjala and Rapa

Rapa browsing

Rapa climbing on Mundusi

Rapa and Kuishi

Jotto and Rapa sparring


Karisa sparring with Rapa

Rapa and Sapalan

Mapia playing with Rapa

Rapa riding on Mapia

Karisa challenging Rapa

Rapa smelling with his trunk up

Rapa playing with Jotto

Rapa sparring with Tusuja

Rapa playing

Rapa playing

Sapalan and Rapa against Galla

Rapa scratching

Rapa playing with Karisa

Rapa playing with Kuishi

Rapa climbing on Mapia

Rapa playing

Rapa sitting on the ground

Pare, Malkia and Rapa head to the mudbath

Wanjala sparring with Rapa

Tusuja playing with Rapa

Karisa on the ground and Rapa

Rapa with Kijana

Jotto fighting with Rapa

Rapa having a drink of water

Jotto and Rapa morning greetings

Rapa plays with Malima

Tusuja & Rapa engaged in a sparring game

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