Rapa's latest photos

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Rapa after being disciplined

Rapa running around

Rapa in a very playful mood

Rapa was playing around

Ngilai going to play with Rapa

Rapa beginning to dig up a root

Rapa in a very playful mood

Rapa and Ndotto playing a pushing game

Rapa chased the giraffe's away

Rapa browsing with the others

Rapa drinking

Rapa enjoying his milk bottle

Ndiwa followed Rapa's example

Kauro, Lasayen and Rapa

Rapa dusting during mud bath as well

Rapa soil dusting

Murit went to play with Rapa

Murit played with playful Rapa

Rapa going to play with Pare

Even Rapa was friendly to the new little one!

Rapa woke up in a bad mood today!

Galla came running back with Rapa

Pare with Rapa

Rapa was being a naughty boy today

Rapa and Godoma browsing

Rapa and the others were not brave

Rapa, Enkesha and Malkia running for milk

Rapa often bullies Pare

Rapa being nice to Kuishi

Rapa does not like noisy people either

Rapa in a playful mood

Rapa helped chase away the jackals too

Lasayen going to fight Rapa over a root

Rapa in a playful mood

Rapa found happily browsing

Rapa is not the best at welcoming new babies

Galla playing with Rapa

Rapa, Mbegu and Ndotto in the mud

Rapa enjoying the mud wallow

Rapa was also in the lead this morning

Rapa browsing nicely

Rapa was teasing Karisa today

Lasayen and Rapa near the mud bath

Rapa enjoying his milk

Lasayen, Rapa and Ngilai enjoying mud bath

Lasayen on the side and Rapa in the mud

Rapa going to wrestle with Wanjala

Rapa going to mess around with the others

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