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Rapa going for browsing

Rapa playing with Lasayen

Rapa with another group

Wanjala, Rapa and Ukame

Sana Sana on the left with Rapa

Lasayen does not like Rapa that much

Rapa can be a naughty little boy

Mbegu was jealous of Rapa

Tusuja had to discipline Rapa today

Mbegu does not tolerate Rapa's bad behaviour!

Ndotto is trying to make friends with Rapa

Rapa was disciplined by Tusuja

Rapa playing on the ground

Rapa sneaking off as well

Rapa playing with Ndotto

Rapa and Ndotto down on the ground

Sometimes Rapa does not mean to be naughty

Rapa can sometimes be a naughty boy

Tusuja Ndotto and Rapa

Ndotto and Rapa

Rapa Oltaiyoni and Maramoja

Poor Tagwa got bumped by Rapa!

Lasayen Rapa and Ngilai

Rapa and Ndotto after coconut oil

Tusuja with Rapa behind him

Rapa dusting

Rapa and Godoma

Rapa and Godoma

Rapa with older Tusuja

Lasayen with Rapa

Rapa going to interrupt their game

Rapa is still a naughty little boy sometimes

Rapa and Tusuja, middle, and Roi on the right

Rapa, Tusuja and Roi on the right

Rapa was disciplined by Kamok today!

Rapa, left, can be a naughty boy!

Rapa was being naughty and was told off

Mwashoti browsing with Rapa

Alamaya and Rapa speaking with Edwin

Rapa and Galla

Rapa, Tusuja, Roi browsing with the others


Rapa was given a hard time by the older girls

Enkikwe with Rapa

Rapa did not like Tusuja's game with Mwashoti

Oltaiyoni was being struct with Rapa today

Rapa went to push Mwashoti away

Rapa being naughty

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