Rapa's latest photos

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Rapa was given a hard time by the older girls

Enkikwe with Rapa

Rapa did not like Tusuja's game with Mwashoti

Oltaiyoni was being struct with Rapa today

Rapa went to push Mwashoti away

Rapa being naughty

Tusuja, left and Rapa

Tusuja, left and Rapa

Simotua managed to sneak away with Rapa

Rapa is naughty and might ruin the game

Rapa took over the games

Rapa, left and Tusuja

Rapa can be a naughty little boy!

Rapa having a lovely time in the mud bath

Rapa, left and Boromoko at mud bath

Tusuja had to discipline Rapa today

Rapa was being a naughty boy today

Rapa was a naughty boy today

Rapa at mud bath

Rapa being a naughty boy again today

Rapa, left and Tusuja having their bottles

Rapa was a naughty boy charging Murit

Rapa being a naughty boy today

Godoma and Murit were bullied by Rapa

Mbegu forced some discipline on Rapa

Rapa was disciplined by Dupotto for bullying

Rapa is becoming very playful

Simotua, Rapa and Tusuja

Rapa was bullying Ngilai

Rapa has been jealous of Murit

Rapa accidentally stood on Tusuja's trunk

Tusuja is Rapa and Godoma's favourite

Smiling Rapa!

Rapa and Tusuja on the right

Rapa loves spending time with Tusuja

Rapa ran from the commotion

Rapa, left, and Tusuja after coconut oil

Rapa and Tusuja who is not feeling well

Rapa and Tusuja

Tusuja and Rapa

Rapa came back from a different direction

Rapa and Tusuja, looking a bit better

Rapa and Mwashoti in the bush

Rapa in his stockade


Mbegu with Rapa

Ngilai with Rapa

Rapa and Tusuja

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