Roi's latest photos

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Roi scratching

Roi with her stolen milk bottle

Enkikwe and Roi browsing together

Roi scratching


Mapia and Roi browsing

Roi stealing a bottle

Roi with greens

Roi scratching

Roi leading the way home in the evening

Ambo & Roi browsing at the same bush

Mundusi & Roi strength testing

Roi playing with Mundusi

Namalok and Roi browsing together

Mundusi playing with Roi

Roi and Naseku playing

Roi playing with Mundusi

Roi with a stolen bottle of milk

Roi and Enkikwe browsing

Olsekki and Roi drinking rain water

Roi relaxing

Roi stretching her trunk for acacia branches

Namalok playing with Roi

Roi at the waterhole

Roi kicking up dust

Roi charging

Mteto, Roi and Mundusi

Roi browsing with Wanjala

Roi and Esampu enjoying a dust bath on the side of the road.

Ambo, Roi, and Mutara browsing together.

Esampu, Roi, Garzi and Sana Sana having a mud bath.

Roi dusting herself.

Dupotto and Roi scratching

Tusuja and Roi

Roi scratching

Roi and Namalok conversing

Roi feeding on Lucerne

Turkwel scratching on Roi


Roi and Tusuja

Roi scratching

Malkia, Galla and Roi browsing

Roi scratching

Roi and Naseku feeding together


Tusuja and Roi

Roi holding a branch

Roi dustbathing

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