Roi's Latest Photos

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Dupotto and Roi scratching

Tusuja and Roi

Roi scratching

Roi and Namalok conversing

Roi feeding on Lucerne

Turkwel scratching on Roi


Roi and Tusuja

Roi scratching

Malkia, Galla and Roi browsing

Roi scratching

Roi and Naseku feeding together


Tusuja and Roi

Roi holding a branch

Roi dustbathing

Roi browsing

Mteto and Ukame with Roi and Narok

Keepers trying to take bottle from Roi

Roi engaging Namalok

Roi with a stolen bottle of milk

Naseku and Roi racing to the 11am feed

Roi and Galla

Roi watching over Enkikwe

Roi browsing


Wiva playing with Roi

Roi playing

Roi browsing

Roi and Dupotto

Roi, Enkikwe and Olsekki browsing together

Rapa and Roi

Wanjala and Roi browsing together

Roi enjoying a dustbath

Roi, Naseku, Kamook and Maramoja browsing

Roi and Tusuja browsing side by side

Roi and Ukame

Roi chats with Pare

Maramoja, Naseku and Roi feeding

Naseku and Roi rolling on the ground

Enkikwe and Roi

Maramoja Roi and Tusuka

Naseku and Roi playing

Galla and Roi

Dupotto and Roi taking a break from the heat

Ukame and Roi carrying lucerne

Dupotto and Roi

Kauro and Roi in the shade

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