Roi's latest photos

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Max playing with Kamok and Roi

Roi and Mbegu love the babies

Roi and Ndotto

Ndotto, Roi and Naseku

Roi and others caused a lot of fuss this morning

Rapa and Tusuja, middle, and Roi on the right

Rapa, Tusuja and Roi on the right

Roi in the forest with some of the others

Roi was being naughty chasing Kiko

Roi, Ndotto and Naseku

Roi and Naseku annoyed with the boys

Roi was being particularly greedy today!

Roi running from Boromoko

Roi looking for warthogs

Roi in the bushes

Roi browsing in the bushes

Roi with a brig clump of green grass

Sokotei, Siangiki and Roi at the mudbath

Rapa, Tusuja, Roi browsing with the others

Roi with a mouthful of grass

Enkikwe, Roi Sirimon

Roi at the mudbath

Roi had a busy time this morning chasing warthogs

Ngilai, Alamaya and Roi

Greedy girl Roi!

Roi enjoyed chasing the warthogs

Roi sneaking away to see the babies

Roi can be such a greedy naughty girl

Roi the greedy girl

Alamaya and Roi on the left

Roi was so happy today

Roi getting annoyed with Kauro

Roi going for mud bath

Godoma, behind with Roi

Roi can be a naughty little girl

Roi enjoyed her day with Godoma

Roi in a hurry to browse

Roi browsing with Ngilai

Roi sitting enjoying a good mud bath

Roi likes to spend time with the young ones too

Roi now one of the big girls

Roi was being so naughty today

Roi and the others got a fright in the forest

Roi and Simotua

Roi and Dupotto

Roi on the left, Lasayen and Balguda

Roi is in a naughty mood today

Oltaiyoni was ready to discipline Roi!

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