Roi's latest photos

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Sirimon climbing on Roi

Wiva plays with Roi

Roi and Naseku sniffing at each other

Oltaiyoni and Roi browsing

Roi feeding

Roi and Naseku soil dusting

Roi enjoying nice browse

Greedy Roi, left and Naseku

Roi, left, and Naseku browsing together

Roi picking leaves from Oltaiyoni's mouth

Roi, left, and Naseku browsing with the others

Roi in her pen in the moving lorry

Roi and Kamok arrived at Ithumba and had milk!

Roi enjoying some nice grass

Chyulu with Roi and Oltaiyoni

Roi with Oltaiyoni

Roi is becoming naughty at feeding time

Ukame going to browse with Roi

Roi, Oltaiyoni and the other orphans

Roi misbehaving

Roi with the herd behind her

Roi came running over with Mbegu to help

Ngilai with Roi

Roi part of the group that ran to mud bath

Roi having a drink

Roi felt hot today too

Roi chased the wild giraffe and her child away!

Roi having a happy time

Roi, Malkia and Mbegu out in the forest

Naseku and Roi

Kamok, Ngilai and Roi

Kamok and Roi with the babies

Roi can sometimes be a cheeky little girl

Roi with Jotto behind

Roi with the babies

Roi happy walking in the bushes

Roi and Kamok with Pea

Roi looking after the babies

Murit dusting with Roi behind

Roi with Mbegu

Roi looking for Ngilai

Roi chasing dik diks with the others

Roi in the forest


Roi was chasing the warthogs too

Roi played games with Kamok this morning

Roi was playing funny games today

Sokotei with little Godoma and Roi

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