Roi's latest photos

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Roi, Naseku and Dupotto

Naseku, Roi and Dupotto in a mini mud bath

Galla, Sapalan and Roi

Roi and Tusuja sip rain water collected in a rock

Galla and Roi browsing

Siangiki and Roi find a watering hole

Roi browsing

Roi with a branch in her mouth

Roi browsing

Roi scratching in the morning

Roi enjoying a leftover branch

Roi greets a wild baby

Wanjala and Roi coming in for their milk

Shukuru scratching on Roi, water truck behind

Dupotto Karisa and Roi

Kamok, Dupotto and Roi

Narok feeds with Roi

Roi in a playful mood

Enkikwe and Roi feeding

Roi scratching

Roi soil dusting

Wanjala talking to Roi

Olsekki and Roi feeding

Lemoyian, Tusuja and Roi

Roi scratching

Roi plays with Boromoko

Roi playing the water

Boromoko and Roi

Oltaiyoni and Roi feed

Kamok and Roi sharing lucerne

Roi scratching

Roi having a nice scratch

Roi and Naseku browsing

Roi mud bathing

Olsekki and Roi feeding

Roi walking in the bush

Tusuja playing with Roi

Roi scratching

Wiva, Roi and Sidai relaxing

Roi leading the way home

Roi scratching on Naseku

Roi scratching on a boulder

Roi followed by Kauro and Oltaiyoni

Naseku and Roi stretching their trunks up

Boromoko climbing on Roi in the mud bath

Roi sniffs at baby Gawa

Roi scratching

Roi soil dusting

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